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Join our Resident Scouts Group

Did you know Xscape plays host to the local scouts group - 1st Xscape Scouts?

The group meets at Christchurch every Wednesday evening:

Beavers (ages 6-8) - 18:00-19:30
Cubs (ages 8-11) - 18:30-20:00
Scouts (ages 11-14) - 19:00-20:30

Want to join up or find out more? Contact Group Scout Leader - Stuart Buckley: 07870 991184. 

About Scouts
Scouts prepare young people with skills for life. They encourage young people to do more, learn more and be more. Each week, they help over 460,000 young people aged 6-18 enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future.

Teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians. Scouts help young people develop and improve key life skills. 

They celebrate diversity and stand against intolerance, and are part of a worldwide movement, creating stronger communities and inspiring positive futures. Find out more.

Key Benefits
Compared to those not in the movement, Scouts are:

  • 17% more likely to demonstrate leadership skills
  • 11% more likely to be better problem solvers
  • 19% more likely to show emotional intelligence
  • 17% more likely to be able to work well in teams

[1] Source: Soc Stats Survey of 2,000 young people (both Scouts and non Scouts)

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout
Bear was appointed tenth Chief Scout on 11 July 2009, taking over from ninth Chief Scout, Peter Duncan.

Bear Grylls was the UK’s youngest ever Chief Scout. On 16 May 1998, at the age of 23, he reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Bear has visited tens of thousands of Scouts around the UK during his regular ‘Bear in the Air’ events, championing skills and character education.