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More about 4D Golf

4D Golf is unlike any crazy golf you've ever played! This is the UK's first glow-in-the-dark adventure golf, with awesome 3D theming and special effects on every hole! 

There are two courses for you to experience - discover the mystical lost underwater city in 'Search For Atlantis', then rescue the lost Professor Knochendigger in 'Curse of The Mummy'.

Course 1 - Search for Atlantis

Legend has it that the sea god Poseidon himself protects the ancient underwater city. Explore the depths of the Ocean and encounter 'The Kraken', sharks and ancient shipwrecks. Finally, face the fury of Poseidon inside the lost city of Atlantis.

Course 2 - Curse of the Mummy

After awakening the spirit of the Pharaoh you must journey through the ancient tomb, treasure rooms and Egyptian hallways to find the Fountain of Egypt. Only here can you lift the terrible Mummy's Curse.

Prices per person

The Search For Atlantis (6 holes): £3.50  
Curse of The Mummy (9 holes): £4.50  
Both courses (15 holes): £6.00  

Family tickets*

The Search For Atlantis (6 holes) - £12.00 
Curse of The Mummy (9 holes) - £16.00  
Both courses (15 holes) - £22.00

*Based on 2 Adults and 2 Children (Under 12)

For more information visit the website or contact the team: 01977 553 355

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