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The Escapologist

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More about The Escapologist

The Escapologist – escape from the everyday to the extraordinary in our escape rooms!

We all feel the daily grind of life; routines, chores and never-ending ‘to do’ lists. Escape from the everyday to the extraordinary!

Room 1: Frozen in Time Escape Room
Step back into the Ice Age and visit a time when wild beasts roamed the land. Venture across the Arctic in our Frozen in Time escape room searching for clues and solving mysteries!

Room 2: Secret Service Escape Room
Become a spy and save the world from supervillains. Put your espionage skills to the test as you attempt to break out from our Secret Service escape room.

Room 3: Insomnia Escape Room
If you think you're brave enough to survive the killer’s murderous antics, and unlikely to jump at the presence of a live actor, then come and play Insomnia, and see if you can survive! For ages 15+. 

Room 4: Mystery Escape Room
In the heart of The Escapologist lies a mysterious room. Few members of the public know what intricate puzzles are contained within these four walls, and those that do have been sworn to secrecy. What is the theme of this room? What is the Endgame? There’s only one way you can find out.

  • Great fun to be had with the kids
  • Party ideas for kids, teens and adults
  • Hen and stag activity
  • Staff team building, reward days and parties

Want to make your escape? Book online now or call 01977 801 684.

Located on the Ground Floor within Snozone.